Boulenger manufactures poured rubber flooring for all your needs

Over the last few years, Boulenger has established itself as a major specialist in poured rubber flooring. Of all the different floor coverings, Boulenger seamless poured rubber flooring has proven to be suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces in construction and renovation projects.

Boulenger poured rubber flooring: a tailored solution

Boulenger poured polyurethane resin and rubber flooring meets all your indoor and outdoor flooring specifications for renovation and construction work. Whether it is in construction, industry or transport, architects, engineering offices and project owners choose Boulenger flooring for its noise and impact absorption properties, durability and ease of installation and maintenance.

This poured polyurethane resin and rubber flooring works out to be very economical in the long term. Polyurethane resins offer the same performance as epoxy resins. And because Boulenger flooring is seamless and comes in a wide range of colours, this indoor or outdoor flooring is attractive and decorative but also a practical way of defining different spaces. This expertise is recognised by our industrial transport, coachbuilding and shipbuilding customers who have put their trust in us for years.

Boulenger: experts in construction and industrial flooring

Backed by its in-depth knowledge of the construction and industrial flooring market, Boulenger forges close partnerships with project managers throughout France. Its approved network of installers, who are specially trained in laying seamless poured rubber flooring, guide you from project definition through to project supervision when installing indoor or outdoor flooring for renovation or construction projects.
Boulenger's environmental policy means that its poured rubber flooring can be used in most eco-build projects in the fields of construction, industry and transport. With Boulenger flooring, you can be sure that you will receive excellent quality of service and an attractive and very hardwearing floor.
Our extensive experience in the transport, coachbuilding and shipbuilding industries means we can offer you tailored solutions.