Boulenger: creator of flooring
Specialist manufacturer of seamless poured rubber flooring

Where we are

Based at Villetaneuse, in the north of Paris, we can advise you and examine your poured rubber flooring projects.

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Boulenger: your partner in technical flooring

We design and manufacture technical flooring to suit your poured rubber flooring specifications, even in environments with significant constraints. Our engineers and technicians take a whole range of factors into account such as technical considerations, logistics, cost control and decoration.

Boulenger's values

Our quality of service and attention to the customer's needs make us a trusted partner. Our rubber-based materials are solvent free and emit practically no volatile organic compounds. They can be upcycled at the end of their life to guarantee minimal impact on the environment.

Poured rubber flooring at the cutting edge of technology

Our constant desire to innovate enables us to design technical flooring that will stand the test of time. Our seamless poured rubber flooring is safe, hygienic, hardwearing, comfortable and easy to install and keep clean.

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