Boulenger poured flooring
Solvent-free seamless rubber and polyurethane resin flooring

Made up of granules of rubber and polyurethane resin, our solvent-free seamless flooring is suitable for a variety of applications, both inside and outside, for renovation and construction projects.

Flooring for all surfaces in renovation and construction projects

Our poured flooring can be applied to all types of surface during renovation work. Made from polyurethane resin and rubber granules, our solvent-free rubber flooring is laid during the construction phase. Our technical flooring can be installed over underfloor heating systems, reversible floors and those likely to suffer from rising damp.

Benefits of Boulenger's range of poured rubber flooring

Boulenger's range of technical flooring caters for all your flooring needs. High quality, attractive seamless appearance, personalisable with your choice of colours and easy to clean... you have every reason to choose Boulenger poured rubber flooring.

Healthy and environmentally friendly technical flooring

The materials in our technical flooring, which is made from rubber and polyurethane resin, are solvent free and emit very low levels of volatile organic compounds. Our technical flooring has a minimal impact on the environment as it can be upcycled at the end of its life. Because we are constantly anticipating the most exacting technical standards, our solvent-free seamless rubber and polyurethane resin flooring is becoming established as an environmentally friendly product.

Boulenger supports sustainable development

We are working towards ISO 14001 version 2008 in order to face today's environmental challenges. Our Research & Development and manufacturing processes are now part of an eco-friendly approach.