Boulenger Colorsim
Design your Terrazoflex Type H flooring with our colour simulator

Perhaps you want the flooring to bear your logo or be in harmony with the architecture of the building. Maybe you want colourful, fun outdoor flooring or perhaps a simple and elegant poured floor?
You can design your Terrazoflex Type H rubber flooring with our COLORSIM colour simulator.

Decorative flooring with infinite colour combinations

Original, colourful, sophisticated or natural - you can personalise your indoor and outdoor flooring however you like with Boulenger rubber flooring. Mix the colours, vary the pattern, define different spaces or direct your customers or patients... it all becomes possible with Boulenger poured rubber flooring.

Choose your colours and immediately see what your Terrazoflex Type H flooring looks like!

Our COLORSIM colour simulator is a simple tool enabling you to instantly see what your poured rubber flooring will look like. Try it out and see your Terrazoflex Type H flooring take shape before your very eyes!
Ask us for rubber flooring samples in the colours and designs of your choice. We will be happy to send them to you.

It's over to you!
Choose 1 to 4 colours, set the proportions and see the result!

Read the instructions if you are using
our COLORSIM for the first time.


1 Choose your colours


001 - Aiguier

002 - Cadole

003 - Raparo

004 - Cayrou

005 - Oustalet

006 - Cortal

007 - Murzaie

008 - Jas

009 - Tournello

100 - Ebonite

010 - Landolphia

011 - Nahuati

012 - Couma

013 - Orri

014 - Balata

015 - Castilla

016 - Taraxacum

017 - Palaquium

018 - Guayule

110 - Ollin

2 Adjust the proportions of each colour

You have not selected any colours... Click on the first tab: "Choose your colour".




Slide the buttons to adjust the proportions until you reach 100%.

Your colour selection has a total fill rate of %.

3 See your sample

You have not confirmed your colour mix.